How to configure Dorban

Dorban does not need any extra configuration in order to run, but if you have extra servers you can configure it in order to run faster.

You need to create a configuration file /home/$USER/.svarog/svarog.ini

The svarog interpreter will create such file if it does not exist. You need to uncomment the servers section, which should look like this:

# svarog configuration file
# copyright by Pawel Biernacki
# Helsinki-Vantaa 2019-2020
# uncomment the servers section for the servers support
	server "localhost:5002" password "2345";

On each server you need to install Svarog and run:

    svarog-daemon --port <port number> --password <password>

Remember to replace the <port number> by actual port number and the <password> by actual password.