svarog-daemon is daemon program for optional use with the svarog language.

usage: svarog-daemon --port <port> --password <password>

In order to use the svarog-daemon from your interpreter svarog (or any program based on the libsvarog library) you need to create a configuration file /home/$USER/.svarog/svarog.ini

The svarog interpreter will create such file if it does not exist. You need to uncomment the servers section, which should look like this:

# svarog configuration file
# copyright by Pawel Biernacki
# Helsinki-Vantaa 2019-2020
# uncomment the servers section for the servers support
	server "localhost:5002" password "2345";
	server "localhost:5003" password "2345";
In the above configuration we have two daemons running on the local machine on the ports 5002 and 5003, both with the passwords 2345.